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Humble Roots
The Gateway Hot Wheelers Club was first formed in 1987 and has since had a long history with this hobby. Originally consisting of approximately 6 guys, "meetings" were held at a fast food restaurant to swap cars and talk Hot Wheels. We may have gotten older but we've not necessarily grown out of our love for these little cars. It's that spirit that we do our best to promote among our members whether young or old.
Today and Tomorrow
Today, the club boasts approximately 100 members from Missouri, Illinois, and other states as well. Meetings are held bi-monthly and always include a business meeting to keep on track with events, activities, and plans for the future. Once the official business is complete we follow up with a swap meet, custom car contest, and downhill Hot Wheel races. Lunch is served at each meeting.

To keep members up to speed, newsletters are sent out prior to each meeting containing a recap of the previous meeting and lots of annoucements, classified listings, Hot Wheels variation info, and other fun facts.

A favorite facet of the club has been our extensive offering of club cars. This tradition lives on with our 20th anniversary cars! (Pictures coming soon!) To see those cars from the past, take a look here.

The Gateway Club is attempting to document in photographs all of the club cars we've produced over the years. If you or anyone you know might have any of the Gateway cars not already pictured here on our site, please contact us at: GHWCMIKE@AOL.COM. We would love to talk more with you about obtaining pictures of the car(s) for documentation.

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